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Let us get introduced to you. We are a family who – together with a group of great friends have decided to take things into their hands and start fulfilling a dream of any rational man - a dream of living in harmony with the surrounding environment, rational usage of available resources, putting into operation solutions that can also enable other people live in harmony with nature.
We hope that our solutions will change the World for better, even if that should be only to a little extent.
We aren’t megalomaniac and are aware how great a challenge it is, yet we believe every man is able to help realise it. We are convinced that every one of us can add to improving the condition of the natural habitat as long as they do not fear challenges and are ready to devote their time, efforts as well as means and face the challenge with passion.
What we are trying to do is live in harmony with nature, produce food that can help man stay in good health, build healthy, people-friendly houses as well as introduce innovative solutions in the field of green sources of energy.
Such a wide scope of interests and activities results from a strong conviction that the direction our civilisation is going to at present needs firm adjusting. Man, in order to be able to survive and develop in harmony with the surrounding world, with optimal use of natural resources, should be given access to the foods that would not contain any harmful chemical substances; live in a house that would not emit any environment-polluting substances even for many years after they have been build, use clean energy sources available to every and each of us.
Not only do we deeply believe that such a lifestyle is possible, but we are also sure that it is healthier, cheaper and more convenient than living in line with the standards of our civilisation.

It was the wish to reconcile ECOLOGY with ECONOMY, which also meant benefiting from it materially by the people changing their behaviour for a more ecologically conscious one  that was one of our aims. It is simply a general rule based on common sense.

We are irritated by the increasingly popular trend to treat ecology as a new ideology or ‘religion’. People are talked into ‘ecological lifestyle’ without being shown immediate benefits arising from it. In our estimation it is a mistake and a mockery of man’s natural, optimal way of living in harmony with nature. We have to keep in mind that people take decisions based on the benefits arising from them. For this reason a healthy lifestyle, respecting the nature and resources available, should bring one measurable benefits, including material ones (such as a lower cost of the energy bought, savings resulting from limiting the cost of treatment of modern civilisation diseases that are most commonly caused by inappropriate diet, to mention just a few). Assumption of such a rule creates an opportunity for a balanced development of civilisation with optimal use of resources.

What we needed in order to realise our projects and dreams was land. A few years ago we bought the first small land in the south of Poland. In 2009 we succeeded in buying a 15 hectare farm in the perfect part of our country – close to the town of Brodnica in kujawsko-pomorski region. This is where we are planning to grow most of our crops.

We would like all of our agricultural production to be covered by an ecological certificate.
To this end our farm has joined the Ecology Supervision and Certification Program. We are currently undergoing a process of transition from a conventional agricultural production to an ecological production. If everything goes well, we will obtain the ecological farm certificate in the year 2011.

If you are interested in our products, plans and current projects, you can find more information in the subtopics available on our website.

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