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Snail farm – how Spiders started breeding snails *

We stumbled upon the idea of breeding snails a few years ago while reading certain historical notes about convent snail farms which had existed in Poland in the Middle Ages. Only then did it dawn on us that this delicacy had been craved by some in our country for a few hundred years. Our further research got us to traces of contemporary snail farms. Taking into consideration healthful properties of snail meat, which outruns lamb in taste and quality, and also worldwide consumer recognition, we came to the only sensible conclusion: breeding snails must be well worthwhile.

* We managed to persuade our friends, the Pająk family, to help us pursue our new goal. The Polish word pająk actually means “a spider”. So this how, as one might say, Spiders started breeding snails.

Following a few years of gaining experience, our snail farm is thriving. We are currently planning to double our production to date. We also intend to make a start on snail meat processing, which will result in a wide range of excellent products being available from our farm (blocks of snail meat, tinned snails, snails in jars, snail shells). In the near future we would like to launch the production of natural cosmetics containing snail secretion (so far the best medicine for healing scars, smoothing wrinkles away and improving the condition of the skin). Production of snail caviar is also one of the points on our “to do list”.

Our ecological farm is situated in one of Europe’s environmentally cleanest regions - in south-eastern Poland, at the foot of the mountain ranges which are the foreland of the Bieszczady and, further on, of the Carpathian Mountains. Within a ten-kilometre radius industrial plants are non-existent; there are only forests, meadows and pristine nature. Every connoisseur of this elite food knows that the taste of snails farmed in Poland is unequalled neither by South European nor by North African products. It is Poland’s moderate climate, with optimal temperature and moisture conditions and no extreme heats, which is the key factor to the success. Moreover, our snail farm is subject to all applicable regulations and a permanent veterinary supervision.

We offer on sale trial batches of our product in order to give you a possibility of checking the quality of purchased goods. If you find it satisfactory, we will negotiate commercial conditions which will contribute to a mutually profitable and long-term business relationship. As our farm is equipped with a cold store, we can continue sale after the crop season.  So if you are involved in wholesale, food-processing or any kind of catering, be it a restaurant, a hotel or a bar, feel welcome to cooperate with us.

Delivery conditions: delivery all over Europe, negotiable sizes of containers, delivery in batches upon request.



If you intend to launch a snail farm, we will readily employ our expertise to assist you in every step of your venture, including the supply of high quality breeding stock and hatchlings. We also guarantee the purchase of snails from all farms interested in regular cooperation.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you

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